1. Ensure that the replaceable coil is tightened BEFORE filling with eliquid. This is the #1 reason customers think their atomizers are not working. Sometimes they come loose during shipping.
2. Filling your atomizer/clearomizer.

3. Screw atomizer to battery by the bottom base (not tube of atomizer) to prevent loosening the tube from base which can cause leaking. (Not important for CE4 ESmart tip as it does not come apart and are considered disposable.)
4. For the first full charge, please charge your batteries for approximately four (4) hours. During the initial four (4) hour charge, the light on the USB Charger may change to “Green” which normally indicates it is done charging. However, please keep the Battery on the Charger for the full four (4) hours to ensure the best possible battery lifespan. After the initial four (4) hour charge, it is BEST and ALWAYS recommended to remove your battery from your charger as soon as they are fully recharged (light turns green on the USB charger). Overcharging your batteries will decrease the overall lifespan of your batteries.
5. If you’re in a vehicle a lot it’s a good idea to have a mini car charger. (kits include wall and usb chargers)
6. If you’re a medium – heavy user you may want to order extra batteries (ESmart users especially).
7. Extra atomizers and/or replacement coils are important to have on hand.
8. Sometimes new atomizers will take a few puffs before full clouds are achieved. This will also clear out the “new taste”. The heating coil / heating element needs to be saturated by eLiquid to work properly and give the full vape experience.
9. CE4 and CE5 atomizers should be kept in the upright position, especially while vaping, to prevent “tip leaking ” into mouth. (Not necessary for EVOD or T3.)
10. Remember to keep juice topped up in CE4 & CE5 to prevent “burnt taste”. If juice gets to low and turns “burnt tasting” clean out atomizer and replace with fresh eLiquid. High voltage vaping can also cause this in all atomizers if not sufficient juice.
11. Start your Variable Voltage battery at the lowest setting and twist voltage up slowly to find your “sweet spot” for vaping. Different with each juice and different atomizers.
12. Turning your voltage up for extended vamping will use up your battery faster, be prepared with spare batteries if this is the vape you prefer.
13. Always have a spare atomizer, fully charged battery (turned off) and extra juice on hand so your not “stuck” without vape supplies!!
14. T3 & EVOD Clearomizer Tips: When unscrewing the unit off of your battery, ensure that you grasp the clearomizer by base so that you don’t unscrew the clearomizer itself. If you find the pull too airy, you can plug one of the three intake holes along the side of the device with a small piece of clear tape, or a dab of glue.  With this unit it is defeintly best to take gentle long pulls to optmize vapor production.
The cleaormizer top can easily be cleaned by running some distilled water through it.  You can also use a Q-Tip and run it through the inside and around the outisde of the inner e-liquid compartment.
Sometimes condensation can occur on the inside of the moutpice.  This is normal and does not affect performance in any way.